Rando Illustrations

As the title suggests, this is where I showcase my incredible knife sharpening skills. JK, this is definitely where I put a bunch of illustrations I've done.

The top illustration is called "Hustle Bustle" and was created during my time at Titan. It was used in all sorts of stuff from our media kits to our website.

Next is a doodle called "I See a Bus" (according to the file name). I also made this back in the day at Titan...pretty sure I used it for a media kit involving bus ads.

The 3rd illustration is one I did for Colin O'Donnell for a TechCrunch article he wrote when I worked with him at Intersection. Colin is a crazy awesome dude with a ton of crazy awesome ideas and, aptly, contributes articles all over the place.

The 4th illustration is a piece I made following Trump's immigration ban. As a Thai immigrant to the US in the 80s, I was pretty shaken up. I couldn't put to words how I felt and knew that sending out hate was the wrong answer, so I made some art.

I know what you're gonna say: "The 5th image is not an illustration!" I know. But I dig it and had to include it. I love playing around in Blender when I have the time. Here's to learning/getting better at new things!

The last image here is actually part of a larger thing I did for a food truck called Bao Down my buddy Riane was involved with down in Bend, OR. Yes. It's very Shep Fairey-esque. He is also crazy awesome.