Titan Website

Be kind and rewind back to 2014. Blockbuster Video was still alive and website hamburger menus were the new new. I was working at a company called Titan and leading our 3rd rebrand. The biggest ticket item was obvi the website. I had a small team of awesome designers and a kickass front end dev who was able to take my prototypes (done in Indesign cuz this was back in the day haha) and make it real. Oh, and while we were doing the rebrand and the website and all the other things, I also had this hilarious idea to kill the existing site and replace it with a micro site to tease/build up some anticipation for the full site. Work on top of work? You betcha!

While I had been at Titan for some time at this point, this rebrand was particularly memorable as I felt like I was really coming into my own unique visual voice—really getting into my illustration style and injecting my humor. I also remember the rebrand happening at a really special and pivotal time in the company's history/trajectory—we had launched LinkNYC and there were murmurs of a Google/Alphabet/Sidewalk Labs takeover—so there was a lot riding on how I pulled it off...no pressure.